After more than two years at this blog, I have begun to hammer out a sense of what it is all about (sort of). When I began I was recently inflamed with that anger that hits us when we suddenly feel the existential threat that faces Western civilization and it’s founding peoples. Nothing coming from the antagonists in the global drama acting out the Decline of the West has softened my concerns, but my positions have become more nuanced. Nuance can often just mean more theoretical; less courageous. I do not think this is so in my case. Besides, of course ill conceived action, even just in words, is of less value in these troubled times even than total inactivity.

When I started writing here I was quite prepared to be a ‘racist’, that is that my race is under threat and I want to participate in the social energy counteracting this threat. But human communities, including, if not especially, Western European ones do not act very often, if ever, at the level of race as such. It may be true that there is a metaphysical reality, a pre linguistic and pre cultural biological reality that drives us to act as we do, to coalesce into tribe and to choose certain habits, but we experience this as custom, tradition, language, moral assumption and so on. In other words, whatever race is, we experience it manifest in the functioning of our ethnic community. It is clear these manifestations are very plastic, and can be both beneficial to the healthful continuance of the ethnic community, as well as can be utterly destructive to it. and in our current case, even wilfully destructive.

We go through times of growth and decay. For those of us woke to the current state of the Westerner, body and soul, we see an inverse relationship between material and global social, political, and economic hegemony and our long term viability as a people. If Liberalism is consuming itself with its own success, then the West is necessarily dong so; for Liberal Democracy is yet under the auspices of the Western powers which still remain on the top of the global dog pile. And the free market liberalism with its inherent cultural ideal of the atomic individual continue to generate ‘the best material conditions man has ever known’.

No time for adjustments, just buy buy buy. 

It is our delusional capacity for abstraction that undermines. We love our Universals, and ourselves as such. Decolonization being the most insidious form of colonization (DR3 and all that). Irony incarnate is the current state of the West. It is uncertain if the racial communities, mixed and otherwise, that inherit our global>social inertia, will manage to maintain the upper hand. This seems extremely unlikely. Asian, or Slavic Orientals, or perhaps a coalition of both, will likely manoeuvre to the top of the pile in the mean time.

Pretty bleak vision I suppose. So why do I write about and toward Western Restoration? Why put the effort of care into such a dismal state of things? Well . . . I am a Christian; I feed on pain.

I was already Christian when I started this blog. Yet at the time I was willing to be made to see Christianity as the fundamental problem with the fall of the West; that Nietzschean  bedtime story a certain class of youthful race realist find a comforting rage in—that Christians will always be too effete and too universal to be trusted to make a stand for their collective ethnic kinfolk. I now see this as a profoundly foolish statement. Christianity is the only way we will manage to Restore ourselves, not least of all because it is Truth (yes I have become that kind of Christian through this grinding process). This is just an ‘About’ post so I will not justify the claim here, but will in time do so. Part 3 on my series on the Religion Question is more than a year in contemplation, and will make an ethnic defence for Christianity as well as a nearly universal metaphysical one.

To put it short, the One Apostolic and Catholic Church is not Universal by reduction, but by amalgamation; synthetically rather than analytically we might say. E Michael Jones makes this case strongly, if indirectly, in many settings, but especially in The Slaughter of CIties. And my recent reading of Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue has solidified the notion that the Subjective is not even roughly synonymous with the Relative. The later being rather more at home with a bloodless abstract Universalism, and the former with the ethnically Particular. One of his main prescriptive theses being that only in long enduring ethnic communities are we able to have a sufficient state of belonging for ‘traditions of virtue’ to develop. And only in such a setting are we able to transcend the state of “man-as-he-happens-to-be” and develop into “man-as-he-could-be-if-he-realized-his-essential nature”, or Telos(Ch5 p32) In my own serendipitous way I anticipated my reading of MacIntyre’s more thorough, and at the same time less self-conscious statement, in Tradition P1. It is our not so humble position that only Catholic Christianity in its structural form, leaving the mystical aside for now, can both allow ethnic diversity and mediate this diversity with effort toward tranquility.

That said I still hold the same intuition that prompted me to start this blog. That there is something elemental in the Western Pagan soul that we must know and come to terms with if we hope to revive. It is true that Christianity has clouded our awareness of our literary and symbolic past. But I will claim that this is not a necessary state. Beowulf can function as a literary critical exemplar for Christian forays into pagan legend and myth. I am just a little way into Heroes and Hero Worship, where Carlyle, a Reactionary Catholic, shows a particular affinity for the Norse Sagas. Interesting that MacIntyre also summons these gods, as a not-quite-yet Catholic, in After Virtue as an example of a traditional Virtue infused culture. I work on the rather bold thesis that there are both descriptive and prescriptive elements in our traditional pre Christian lore. And though the prescriptions may be seen as erroneous, even sinful, for the Christian who puts ethnicity and its underlying racial>biology in the category of the ‘real’, the descriptive elements of our traditional cultural narratives will be very enlightening as to our elemental nature, if we are able to look carefully enough.


I am very grateful (if surprised) for the attention this blog has gotten. Not a lot of readers of course. But many of very high quality. I am a rather poorly trained nothing-in-particular, and alternate between a Winnie the Pooh like mendicant and an Owl like unjustified pontiff. But I think I am in good company in the New Right and Reactosphere. I have met a good number of worthy souls online over the last few years, and am very grateful for our shared interests and goals.