Preramble: In the last post on Identity Politics a lot of unarticulated and so unanswered questions were raised. In trying to keep the range narrow this is inevitable. The limits of language are often frustrating, but what other way do we have to convey meaning? Mystical understanding is more profound, yet is a communication between the self … More Choiceworthy

Identity Politics? Sure. What other kind is there.

The Alt Right is increasingly derided for engaging in Identity Politics. The accusation is usually accompanied by a correlation of White Identity with the various forms of race, gender, and sexual identity groups on the Left. “Identitarians are just White SJWs,  no better than LGBTXYZ, or BLM activists.” Remnant Conservatives, Libertarians or some kind of Alt-Light1  … More Identity Politics? Sure. What other kind is there.


Posted a new piece of fiction, Offering, at Terrible Joy. It is the first of a collection of short stories set from our time to 1000 years hence. Offering is set several hundred years in the future. A time where I can play  fancifully with themes relevant to our folk today. The plan is to tell … More Offering

Sentimental Journey

Came across this painting dropped into a discussion thread at Radix Journal.  I saw so many things in it at once I could not put them to words or even clear thoughts. I smiled instead. Perhaps this is what an epiphany is; multiple simultaneous insights coming faster than syntax can posses them. I want to learn … More Sentimental Journey