Preramble: In the last post on Identity Politics a lot of unarticulated and so unanswered questions were raised. In trying to keep the range narrow this is inevitable. The limits of language are often frustrating, but what other way do we have to convey meaning? Mystical understanding is more profound, yet is a communication between the self … More Choiceworthy

Sentimental Journey

Came across this painting dropped into a discussion thread at Radix Journal.  I saw so many things in it at once I could not put them to words or even clear thoughts. I smiled instead. Perhaps this is what an epiphany is; multiple simultaneous insights coming faster than syntax can posses them. I want to learn … More Sentimental Journey

What is Right?

Had a rewarding conversation with Nick B Steves and Mark Citadel on the natural and metaphysical ground of traditional and contemporary Rightist thought, and how this differs from Leftists and Right-Nihilist traditions. We also talked about our beloved Tay; speculating on her whereabouts.

The Hubris of Generosity

Thoughts on Kipling’s The White Man’s Burden and the invasion crisis Our people have a recurring cycle: degeneration precipitating the necessity of revival, leading to rejuvenation of the collective spirit. This rebirth brings with it a period of creativity and growth. Growth and surplus can ascend into hubris though, allowing for both generosity, if at times misguided, … More The Hubris of Generosity