Lent 2017

Last year during Lent I did a series on The Discipline of the Beatitudes. What I discovered through that study was both inspiring and discouraging. Inspiring, finding that there was so much depth in these few short verses which before seemed like little more than Gospel Hallmark card verse, but discouraged when I realized the exacting … More Lent 2017

Crow Song

I have a short story posted at my literary blog, Terrible Joy.  Crow Song is part of a collection of love stories in short and very short fiction I am working on. Many of these tales will portray a transformation from the current state of brokenness in Man-Woman relations toward repair.  They can be a … More Crow Song

What is Right?

Had a rewarding conversation with Nick B Steves and Mark Citadel on the natural and metaphysical ground of traditional and contemporary Rightist thought, and how this differs from Leftists and Right-Nihilist traditions. We also talked about our beloved Tay; speculating on her whereabouts.

The moral conceit of the Left; The movie

I have Just posted 4 videos on my YouTube channel where I used the recent firing of Alison Rapp from Nintendo to wander into various moral/philosophical themes. The official reason for her firing was moonlighting, but she was a vocal advocate for child pron, as well as a spokesperson for sex with or for children. Rapp claims it was her … More The moral conceit of the Left; The movie