Trump in Stride

Hat off to the crafter  of this GIF; makes me smile every time. What stood out for me in the 3rd Trump Clinton debate was The Donald’s projection of his economic plan. He made the point of saying his economic plan would take 10 years to fully bear fruit. This is a projection beyond even his … More Trump in Stride

The RQ: pt 2 Paganism

Eis Volk We will use ‘Paganism’ very generally throughout. Here it pertains to the memes and metaphors that have their root in the prehistoric yearning of our people on the continent of Europe. More it pertains to the very bodies and souls that endured the genetic transitions that our most ancient tales seem still to whisper … More The RQ: pt 2 Paganism

The RQ: pt 1 Intro

The Hanging by Jacques Callot There is a good deal of tension between our people over the religious question. If we are ever to be more than a scraping pack of individuals, we will have to come to an understanding. There are some, typically Atheists and some NeoPagans, who consider Christianity a destroyer of our folk … More The RQ: pt 1 Intro

The Tao of Pepe

From the Memery The Meme that can be named is not the real Meme I do not know the artist, nor have I spent any time trying to find out, not really. But these things are free and anonymous, mostly? Anyway this one is profoundly insightful. I am starting with the most existential meme I have … More The Tao of Pepe