London Plane

Another piece of short fiction at Terrible Joy, London Plane. This is part of collection of short stories I am working on under the title, New Romantic.  The irony being these stories attempt to restore a sense of innocence and honesty and love and commitment in man-woman relationships. Rather than something ‘new’ being a further erosion of traditional values,… More London Plane


Posted a new piece of fiction, Offering, at Terrible Joy. It is the first of a collection of short stories set from our time to 1000 years hence. Offering is set several hundred years in the future. A time where I can play  fancifully with themes relevant to our folk today. The plan is to tell… More Offering

How Trump is the hero of Michael Moore’s ‘Roger and Me’

Roger and me. American national socialism I saw Roger and Me in the 90s before I saw any of the other Michael Moore documentaries. I have not re-watched the movie for this ramble. I am responding more to the general theme of the film, the implied politics and economics within, and the impression it has… More How Trump is the hero of Michael Moore’s ‘Roger and Me’

Britannia Rules!

We must take this time and make it all that it can be for our people. I am very proud that the people of the land of my origin did the right thing.  They have begun to take back their sovereignty.  What comes of this start  depends on the inspiration we take from this day and… More Britannia Rules!

Liberal Diversity

Long time between posts.  Busy season for my normie work. Here is a podcast I just put up on my YouTube channel. In the time I have I am editing a few things for posting.  One is a dramatic dialectic conversation between a reactionary and his woman who finally gets around to reading his blog,… More Liberal Diversity

Crow Song

I have a short story posted at my literary blog, Terrible Joy.  Crow Song is part of a collection of love stories in short and very short fiction I am working on. Many of these tales will portray a transformation from the current state of brokenness in Man-Woman relations toward repair.  They can be a… More Crow Song