The Tao of Pepe

From the Memery The Meme that can be named is not the real Meme I do not know the artist, nor have I spent any time trying to find out, not really. But these things are free and anonymous, mostly? Anyway this one is profoundly insightful. I am starting with the most existential meme I have … More The Tao of Pepe

London Plane

Another piece of short fiction at Terrible Joy, London Plane. This is part of collection of short stories I am working on under the title, New Romantic.  The irony being these stories attempt to restore a sense of innocence and honesty and love and commitment in man-woman relationships. Rather than something ‘new’ being a further erosion of traditional values, … More London Plane


Posted a new piece of fiction, Offering, at Terrible Joy. It is the first of a collection of short stories set from our time to 1000 years hence. Offering is set several hundred years in the future. A time where I can play  fancifully with themes relevant to our folk today. The plan is to tell … More Offering

How Trump is the hero of Michael Moore’s ‘Roger and Me’

Roger and me. American national socialism I saw Roger and Me in the 90s before I saw any of the other Michael Moore documentaries. I have not re-watched the movie for this ramble. I am responding more to the general theme of the film, the implied politics and economics within, and the impression it has … More How Trump is the hero of Michael Moore’s ‘Roger and Me’