Black pill blues

I have been in a dark mood over the last number of weeks. The elation of the Trump victory has run its natural course to disappointment. Not just regular disappointment but a deep sense of discouragement at an unexpected hero’s promise and failure to deliver. For though I resisted believing rationally, at some level I bought into … More Black pill blues

Good Friday

Blessed Good Friday to you all. My intention to finish the Lenten series will go unfulfilled. Been stuck on the third Beatitude. The first one that denotes growth. Hmm. Well I will keep at it. Probably a bit ambitious thinking I could crank those stories out with the time I have. So I am posting … More Good Friday

Lent 2017

Last year during Lent I did a series on The Discipline of the Beatitudes. What I discovered through that study was both inspiring and discouraging. Inspiring, finding that there was so much depth in these few short verses which before seemed like little more than Gospel Hallmark card verse, but discouraged when I realized the exacting … More Lent 2017

Teleolojic Podcast

Have started a new project, Teleolojic Arts and Letters Podcast.  I will be interviewing people on pretty much any topic or artifact from Western culture: visual art, literature, fairy tales, myth, legend, poetry, music, history, science, religion, and philosophy. This is the content I meant to cover on the blog when I started it just … More Teleolojic Podcast

Chalk and Cheese

  Naming something cliché1 usually means it is trite, dull, unimaginative. It can be quite a satisfying accusation to make, but it stings when it comes at you the first time. Like realizing you are a character in a quaint plot from a 1980s coming of age film, wherein some cheerleader tells you your a walking joke smoking your … More Chalk and Cheese