Teleolojic Podcast

Have started a new project, Teleolojic Arts and Letters Podcast.  I will be interviewing people on pretty much any topic or artifact from Western culture: visual art, literature, fairy tales, myth, legend, poetry, music, history, science, religion, and philosophy. This is the content I meant to cover on the blog when I started it just … More Teleolojic Podcast

Chalk and Cheese

  Naming something cliché1 usually means it is trite, dull, unimaginative. It can be quite a satisfying accusation to make, but it stings when it comes at you the first time. Like realizing you are a character in a quaint plot from a 1980s coming of age film, wherein some cheerleader tells you your a walking joke smoking your … More Chalk and Cheese


Preramble: In the last post on Identity Politics a lot of unarticulated and so unanswered questions were raised. In trying to keep the range narrow this is inevitable. The limits of language are often frustrating, but what other way do we have to convey meaning? Mystical understanding is more profound, yet is a communication between the self … More Choiceworthy

Identity Politics? Sure. What other kind is there.

The Alt Right is increasingly derided for engaging in Identity Politics. The accusation is usually accompanied by a correlation of White Identity with the various forms of race, gender, and sexual identity groups on the Left. “Identitarians are just White SJWs,  no better than LGBTXYZ, or BLM activists.” Remnant Conservatives, Libertarians or some kind of Alt-Light1  … More Identity Politics? Sure. What other kind is there.

Taliesin’s Wheel

What I’ve been up to lately Well actually it is a project I started 20 years ago as a frivolous curiosity, but have been working on every spare minute for the past few months or so organizing it for a web page. Won’t go into too much detail about it here as there is plenty … More Taliesin’s Wheel

Merry Christmas

Incarnation; a meditation I was blessed to have a poem of mine posted at Social Matter for Christmas. I started Advent with big intentions of writing at least weekly. A very keen part of my soul even thought of posting daily! Well I have proven more dull than keen, and have posted even less often … More Merry Christmas

Advent 2016: week 1

Advent is here again. There is a common trope about Christmas and Easter Christians. You know, people who only show up these two days in the year. Well I would advocate Advent and Lent Christianity for anyone wanting to know what Christian life is really about. Participating in the spiritual discipline of these two fasting … More Advent 2016: week 1

Reductio Obamasurdum

The dream of by and large racial harmony in American society is dimming. It was naive, of course, to suppose that merely electing and Black Guy to president would bridge the racial divide, but we did think that. We hoped it. To be fair to the common folk who believed, we were pretty much promised this would happen. … More Reductio Obamasurdum

The Left has fallen

And it can’t get up The Left received a savage blow. We have felt this day approaching, though we felt it as the relentless clenching grip of socialist modernity. Up until a year ago we thought it would never ease. The portly sense of self-importance, the vicious stupor that comes from an assumption of immaculate self-goodness—all signs of impending judgement. Prog Hubris. … More The Left has fallen