Teleolojic Podcast

Have started a new project, Teleolojic Arts and Letters Podcast. 

I will be interviewing people on pretty much any topic or artifact from Western culture: visual art, literature, fairy tales, myth, legend, poetry, music, history, science, religion, and philosophy. This is the content I meant to cover on the blog when I started it just over a year ago. Largely to continue my education through the pressure of preparing for these sessions and the time spent with an interested guest. The intent is European cultural restoration, taking a look at our various heritages backwards and forward in time. We may not know the shape of the next stage of our Telos, but we are the generation that must yearn it into existence.

I recently had an enjoyable conversation with Bill Marchant on Beowulf.  I have some other videos on these themes on my YouTube channel, but this is the first under the Teleolojic brand complete with theme music. Enjoy, and share if you do.

Will be looking for guests, so if anyone has a special knowledge of or passion for content that would suit this podcast please make contact below.


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