In the last post on Identity Politics a lot of unarticulated and so unanswered questions were raised. In trying to keep the range narrow this is inevitable. The limits of language are often frustrating, but what other way do we have to convey meaning? Mystical understanding is more profound, yet is a communication between the self and the Divine, and not between people. When this communication is put down in words it seems silly to the doubtful and exceedingly thin to the devout. And yet all linguistic expression of Ideas is a crude pulling of the sublime out of its wordless realm of Eternity in an attempt to pin it to a board for public exposition. And yet we are compelled to do it for all its violence to truth and its limited outcome. Language, the expression and comprehension of meaning, is itself profoundly mysterious even if much of it is mundane or perverse.

I find myself needing to put into words very basic things at this point in my thinking. There are intuitions, but what is their grounding? In a time of conflict as we live in, assumptions become few. Especially when you have taken up the work of putting fresh memes into the culture with the intent of transforming it. But the question rises, are they new or are they old ones revisited? Is there a seat for them already in our souls? Are we awakening ourselves and our fellows to something already present but clouded, or are we inserting novel ideas? These are the kinds of questions we we tackling in our Meme theory, though in fledgling form, and probably should continue under that specific heading. But this Idea of Identity, especially racial Identity, is such a basic intuition for all my work in the last year that a specific musing on this theme seems in order. For in Race we have biology mixed with belief. The genetic machine as carrier of Ideas; memetic code. Both, as was said, carry information. Genes to the production of individual cells which act in consort to make a functioning whole person. And Memes functioning as the sense-making awareness we hold about ourselves and the world. There is an intuition that memes ‘speak’ deeper than our consciousness though, and therefore that there are some that make us well and some that make us ill.

This brings us to the subject at hand.



Identity is the way we understand ourselves, and then how we see ourselves as relating to others and the world. There are identities that the spiritual traditions would say make us centred, or whole, and others that make us scattered, and confused. Often in the case of soul sickness we are holding ideas or beliefs as Identity. This is not an exact correlation. Strongly held beliefs are often a substitute for Identity; held in the absence of one. Now we might be held guilty of defining Identity as that which brings health, but this is not strictly what is meant. Holding a virtuous and true Identity may lead to suffering, especially if it is in conflict with the age we live in. Those who live out their Identity this way will nearly always be deeply rooted body and soul. The health is in the soul though, even if the body is racked by persecution.

From the racial view our identity and the beliefs we hold must be in concord with our very bodies. Else we will be unhealthy. We see this in the frantic state of Leftists when challenged. Even the whisper of disagreement can put them into a fit of the vapours (and make them think they’re turning Japanese). All fundamentalist can find themselves in this pitiable state. Their Identity is poorly grounded. This sort of Identity depends on the ability to defend propositions from logical or empirical challenge. Insularity is an offensive defense. Offering ‘No Platform’ to opponents it a strategic move to keep contravening ideas out of the culture at large, but is also a way of protecting the quavering insecurity that lies beneath.

We may be tempted to say we on the Right have better Ideas than the Left has. As if by argument alone we would win the day. As though we were engaged in a purely ideological struggle for Truth. But this is to fall into the Prog’s misguided world. A world of the tabla rasa, where human nature is simultaneously universal and of (nearly) infinite plasticity. As defenders of disembodied notions one or other camp may win an arbitrated debate. We intuit that our convictions are built upon an Identity grounded in Nature; Gnon or Natural Law.

There is no hard way of knowing if our Identity is true. Rather it’s reason is intuition. The proof of it is in a considered life. I had a brief exchange with an intelligent, and I assume, young man after my last post. He quite rightly brought up the precarious scientific status of the words ‘race’ and ‘White’. All the more precarious from a scientific vantage for me as I have very limited knowledge of genetics; effectively none. But is our Ethnic Identity based on science? Didn’t we have these understandings before genetics? If we waited for a hard scientific proof for the material conditions of our actions we would have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. As far as I know the state of the atom is in uncertainty, there are several models for the origin of the Universe, and consciousness is still a baffle. Yet only on the most philosophical mornings do I doubt that floor boards will cohere as I step on them , and that it is really I that needs to piss.


If we say we are White, we choose this Identity. We have little doubt about why we make this choice. As well, the choice is already made for us. There was never a time in my life that I was not called ‘White’. Usually it was to deride in some way. My pink untannable skin. Something stupid about my kind; stupid or evil. I was once called ‘albino’ by  three or so black kids and a couple of Chicanos in grade six. Not real torture I know, but they were menacing to a weak little White kid. Then years latter in university it was all about the oppression my kind had brought on the world. I internalized this as much as I could, poked fun at Whitey when appropriate, but this negative Identity chided against a proud Identity that rose up whenever I encountered the creative accomplishments of my people. When I strove to be excellent it was as a European, inspired by the men of my people. I really didn’t care much about the cultural works of other races, except as a curiosity. So I both loved and hated being White growing up. Either way I was Huwhyte.

So when faced with a positive or a negative Identity in our Whiteness, the choice is obvious, “I’m white, and lovin’ it.” Actually I am grateful for it. It has taken several years of concerted effort to overcome the negative memetic programming, best proclaimed by the deceptive Jew Noel Ignatiev  Who has the nerve to consider himself a race traitor when he calls for the abolition of the White race:


Of course this is sophistry, claiming he wants only to destroy the social construct of the White race. But as we have been discussing here, Identity and biology are inseparable. Destroy White Identity and you destroy White people. Sorry Mr Hebrew, did you really think you’d get away with this? You had a good run, but that has as much to do with White disposition as you’re envy of and will to destroy your host. We are longsuffering, even toward unpleasant guests. We are self-critical by nature. Once we realize the deck is stacked against us though, we harden our hearts and get ‘er dun. Ignatiev’s quote above looks pathetic now. The cringworthy rant of some out-of-date Marxist academic. (look at those sunglasses, really.) Though I have to admit when I first saw it, I was enraged. And if I ever doubted my White Identity before I haven’t since. Maybe he did us a service. He put the unspoken will of the enemies of the West into words .He transcribed the unspoken animus of his race and our culture that had fallen under its spell. And those words are so repulsive, so obviously violent and vengeful, no self-respecting White can do otherwise but begin to carry our banner into the battle for Western Civilization.

We have a tendency as Whites when we get to thinking, to be rather puritanical. We think of this as a religious impulse, but we do the same with science. Science is a good tool but it is limited first by our ability to ask questions, and second by our ability to make models to answer them. Much like with Democracy, the Science we developed has taken on a will of its own, and that will cares not if we exist or no. We are not suggesting that science be compromised to give us the answers we want. Though it is certainly subject to this kind of bias manufacturing to satisfy other agendas. If we choose to Identify as White this is our prerogative. We needn’t seek approval from others. And it is hard to imagine how science would disprove this choice.There is no Identity we could take on that is absolute. Is being a Socialist, or a Liberal Democrat more sure? How about a Global Citizen? That is hopelessly vague, and is rooted, though poorly, in a sickly Eurocentrism. None of these is more heartily grounded in our history, and biology than a White European Identity. We could say being a Christian would give us a surer Identity. Yet our whiteness and Christianity are more integral than exclusive, but this will have to be dealt with on its own in a further post.(That discussion needs its own 1500 words.) For now White is a good shorthand for all people originating from the Nordic and Celtic Isles to beyond the Urals. We can be particular if we choose. I am glad to be a Celt. It gives me a sense of belonging certainly more particular than mere Whiteness does. But as an American several generations deep, I was first identified as White. I willfully embrace this Identity. It is a perfectly worthy choice.


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