Taliesin’s Wheel

What I’ve been up to lately

Well actually it is a project I started 20 years ago as a frivolous curiosity, but have been working on every spare minute for the past few months or so organizing it for a web page. Won’t go into too much detail about it here as there is plenty to read about it at Taliesin’s Wheel. 

In the mid 90s I started creating a novel musical theory system. This was out of a doltish tenacity, finding the received Western system did not explain musical tonality in a way that gave a clear picture of it. Not much new was discovered probably, but a clear and aesthetic means of depicting tone and tonal theory was made. Fairly early on in the process a the Perennial Tonal Calendar came into being, inspired by the tonal wheel graph developed in the tone theory work. The calendar is in many ways more novel than its progenitor. Though years in the making, truthfully this work is nascent. A good deal more work on the music system especially has been started. The hope is presenting the material so far in a fairly organized way will encourage further effort.

I am happy to be putting this work up for public consumption. It has occupied my mind and labour often over the years, but it is the sort of thing that a life’s work or two can be made of.  I would like to be encouraged to continue it, so leave a comment on the site if you wish.

The motive at all three of my sites, the cultural work done here at FOLKWAYS, my literary efforts at Terrible Joy and now the Druidic offerings at Taliesin’s Wheelis European Restoration. Cultural and spiritual restoration. It is done on the one hand from an unapologetically Christian mythos, yet also from an Identitarian pagan root. Too much so for the comfort of some. You will find at the Wheel this same enigma of the awakening Euro-pagan man drunken on the Spirit of Christ. It is a long intuited identity that has only come to fruition in the past few years. Bringing this first stage of the work at Taliesin’s Wheel out for public view is a big part of this integration. For twenty years I have wondered about this strange thing I made, literally in my basement under the bare bulb of a drafting table lamp. I only now have found myself in a community of people who might appreciate it; even if just a quirky novelty. Spergs gunna sperg, yo.

There is also a store at Taliesin’s Wheel where you can purchase a copy of the Calendar and support my efforts there.


2 thoughts on “Taliesin’s Wheel

  1. I am also working on a similar line. I will take a different approach to presenting. I urge you to review this utterly fascinating website. http://oldeuropeanculture.blogspot.co.uk. It is hard to fathom how so much rich culture has been lost to the North Europeans now under attack in the surviving remnants by modernity and immigration. A taster – The Babylonian Zodiac is a North West European stone age invention. The writer is clearly a scientist. Doesn’t give much away.

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