Reductio Obamasurdum


The dream of by and large racial harmony in American society is dimming. It was naive, of course, to suppose that merely electing and Black Guy to president would bridge the racial divide, but we did think that. We hoped it. To be fair to the common folk who believed, we were pretty much promised this would happen. It was prophesied. Whites perhaps more than Blacks took this dream into their bosoms. We held it there like a liturgical prayer. After all it really was up to us to make it happen. We were the transgressors. So, if we could just lay down our prejudice at the altar of equality, we could make way for a colour-blind world of peace and unity. In the public discourse this was certainly the first mantra we memorized. Still, were these words proof of a deep optimism that the long lustful urge of the civil rights movement would some day come to fruition?

Living in Canada at the time, there was genuine and profound hopefulness over the Obama victory. America had finally ‘grown up’. They had elected a swipple-grade black man to the White House, and only good things would necessarily proceed. For though we Canadians, especially Progs, love to signal against Merica, we would rather be fond of our southern neighbors. (I must confess my anti-American rants were fairly legendary in my circles in university. I signaled hard against the States to out Canadian the Canucks in social self-righteousness.) CBC radio even put together a playlist for the first Black president. Funny enough a very Huwhyte set of songs.

I and our next-door neighbor, a fellow expat Yank, celebrated the prophetic fulfillment sought in Obama’s victory over a bottle of red. After he received a Nobel prize (before he did anything), he was more than just the ascendant negro, he was a chosen one. I hoped that after 8 years of war and deception and travel restrictions, we would get some relief from the Bush globalizing regime. I did not realize yet, and this took some time, that geopolitically Barack Obama was pretty much a more articulate George Bush in blackface.



Everyone, not every last one of course, but a standard sort of 75% of White folk, seemed to want racial harmony à la MLK Jr. and that dream he had. I have no Idea whether this same level of optimism was present in American Black communities. It was religion for White kids. Anti-racism. Egalitarianism. living without recourse to stereotyping. Born the year of the Hart-Celler Act, 1965, I was raised on this stuff from the fledgling  attempts to reeducate We the People in school curriculum, and on TV shows like Sesame Street. Scratching around researching for this post I found out that one of the producers of this groundbreaking show, Lloyd Morrisett, was an experimental psychologist who spent 30 years on the board at RAND, and 9 of these as Chair. (Oh that sweet sweet Deep State.) Well, they did a good job, or so it seemed. We felt it in our souls. We learned, in part at least, to doubt ourselves, and to put the other ahead of ourselves. Many Whites still do, most will ascent to this motive publicly anyway.

Yet, regardless of White self-loathing, the racial divide still runs deep through American society, manifest in the Black entitlement-rioting of the last term of Obama’s presidency, culminating in #BLM . Undaunted, the preachers of the gospel of egalitarianism yet chasten encouragingly;

“We have come a long way, but we still have even further to go.”

And the wearied response,

“Really? Even further than we’ve already come? pfuhf. I’m tired.”

Bored. This moral narrative no longer inspires. Bloodless myth.


Self-loathing feels so right

Some of us naturally find deep meaning in suffering for principles. It grounds us in its pain and ascetic stolidness. But it is going to get harder to find many who will perpetually sport this egalitarian hair shirt. More and more Whites are asking if there is proof we will ever reach Martin Luther King’s  promised land. A place that really never was for our people. For us anti-racism has always been more a feat of moral strength than a destination. It is our grand gesture for our fellow man. Our giving. Perhaps this is why most PoMo spiritual disciplines meander; “focus on the journey rather then the destination man”. And when we loose courage, we are told we are greedy scumbags for not loving the righteous whole burnt offering of our cultural displacement—a net loss; materially, socially and spiritually. How much longer can we continue in this charade? Signs indicate it is loosing its charm rapidly. Of course White resistance does not manifest publicly yet, not like it did in the early 60’s, but it lurks under the surface of public discourse, in our hearts, and in the ‘darkest corners of the internet’.


They don’t make many girls like that anymore. (I want one.)

As we know in our sphere, that racial realization was morally impossible but for a few mad men over most of the last half-century. Yet it is becoming more commonly noticed—the elephant in the darkened room we kept smacking up against. And it is just this White racial awareness that all our Cultural Marxist social conditioning was meant to confuse. But, for all the virtue signaling to the contrary, it remained on the surface, it never made its way down to our feet. Sure their are liberal egalitarian Whites, probably more then ever before. But probably not a great many more for whom it goes deep down in their souls. There always were such. There are just more now who feign. They feign because it is oh-so White to conform to social>moral norms. Suffering a bit for it is even better. Oh it hurts so good.

So we say the right things, even believe these things, yet our unconscious actions betray a grounding racial in-group preference. Such a ground can motivate without being fully conscious. We may sublimate our ethnic intuitions, but they can never be fully stifled. They are a primal essence of our being.

And this is the folly of the multi-racial and multicultural society. It is largely a pretense. It’s goodness is more hoped for than attained. Where there is success, it is inflated. And under Egalitarian Dogmatics, any successes can necessarily be spread to all of society. More, there is a moral imperative that these successes must take root everywhere. Where they fail, this is blamed on stupid or stubborn resistors who are simply wanting sensitivity and diversity training.

In a deep irony, Obama did not fulfill MLK’s dream for American Blacks, for essentially he wasn’t one. Birther controversy aside (though there is still reason to consider the case against BO’s birth on American soil), Obama was not a MLK Jr style Afro-American. He was not a descendant of freed slaves. Born in the US or not, BO was a first generation Kenyan-White mulatto who grew up in Hawaii, not Chicago or Selma. Of course according to the moronic level of racial conversation in the US, and all European countries by extension now, he gets to melt into that narrative. Humorously, he is allowed to do this on no other credential than skin colour.


The Obama presidency was the Reductio ad Absurdum  of MLK Jr’s dream.

Well at the end of Obama’s 8 years we see, especially in the past few summers, a pointed worsening in race relations in the US. We are left only with the promise of ‘more work’, and ‘better education’, and ‘recognition of persistent White supremacy’ and its attending ‘need to check our privilege’. These are not sustainable social>moral motives. They cannot produce stable results. Other than for a handful of zealots, King’s 1963 dream will be abandoned. Some average people may yet be compelled to speak it, but as doubtfully as a Unitarian speaks of the Resurrection of Christ. We will need to radically rethink national and planetary racial coexistence. If we are to make policy that works long-term, we will need to take racial differences in temperament and cognition seriously.

It is time we Whites started dreaming a little dream of our own.


I will end with a personal note. It would be easy to say we know exactly how to go about forming a society on consciously racial terms. Though some coming to this kind of discussion fresh may find this hard to believe, not all people who hold racial views are crass bigots. I have genuinely enjoyed the company of people of various races; Africans, Asians, Indians of both kinds, and Mestizos. I have never enjoyed the pressure to divest the inherent differences between each race though, and so have always resisted this homogenizing will.  Generally these pleasant exchanges have occurred because the racial other, by disposition, actually enjoys the company of White society. For all our bad press we are generous and open people when we feel safe to be so. We are curious and interested in differences. But, like any people, we desire the stability of a society with a super-majority of our own kind. As we become overwhelmed by sheer numbers of others, our contentment flees, and we tend to follow it. A growing number of us are weary of pretending otherwise.


3 thoughts on “Reductio Obamasurdum

  1. Liberals have been able to to get far with their racial agenda by convincing the public of a false dichotomy. Either you embrace their vision of diversity or you are a racist and and a bigot. Those of a more conservative temperament seemed to have bought into this false dichotomy as they clearly don’t agree with the left’s vision of diversity but still seem to feel guilty about it because they are left with what they believe is the only option (they’re bigots and racists).

    We’ve been so brainwashed that we have a hard time believing that people generally enjoy being around the company of their own people. Homogeneous communities arise organically because people want to be around others that share their cultural assumptions, ethnicity, skin color, etc. Only then can we stand back and appreciate the differences between different people. It’s the same reason why 2 guys can be great friends but then sworn enemies if they become roommates.

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  2. I’ve always posited that Obama in fact is not black. By that I mean, he does not have an African American consciousness of the world as part of his innate outlook. He adopted forms of afro-politics because of his ideological roots and associations, but this is someone who went to a top flight school in Hawaii; a place more remote from black experience than Vermont. Actual African Americans would struggle to win a national election. They can occasionally get mayorships, and congressional seats in all black districts, but their temperament makes them unfit to run for president. Can you imagine a candidate Maxine Waters? Obama got into the White House running as a white guy, essentially.


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