The Left has fallen


And it can’t get up

The Left received a savage blow. We have felt this day approaching, though we felt it as the relentless clenching grip of socialist modernity. Up until a year ago we thought it would never ease. The portly sense of self-importance, the vicious stupor that comes from an assumption of immaculate self-goodness—all signs of impending judgement. Prog Hubris. This is what HillBillery Inc. embodies. And judgement has come, manifest in Hillary Clinton’s defeat; a bloated, diseased, thief and liar. A fellow grifter with her old man Bill. The Bonnie and Clyde of geopolitics. A testimony to the power of suggestion, distraction and obfuscation. Perception management. I smile at the irony in all these Chomskyites having so willingly surrendered to the manufactured consent that was I’m With Her.Stronger Together. For those of us at Uni in the early 90s, (((Noam Chomsky))) set the social>moral>critical premise for a generation of activists which ultimately manifest in our current-year SJWs. There were other more radical thinkers, but at the popular level he was the (((oracle))). So what a farce that every Leftist who considers himself ‘smart’ and ‘informed’ and ‘skeptical of media’ in a Chomskian way, drank the kool aide from Hillary’s ritual cup; “Believe on me and thou shalt have Gibs.”

HRC is without virtue. Well none that reflect her sanitized media image. She has virtue in deception, perhaps self-deception even. She may actually think she deserves remuneration for brokering superpower protection. She may think this is a perfectly natural political relationship. But this delusion only confirms the collective sham that the American, and, by extension, the global Left participated in throughout Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Some continue pathetically to insist with lachrymose plea that something be done. They lost out on the next tick on their diversity checklist for the presidency; black man first, woman next, then perhaps something more exotic. (What a twisted madness this is. Pure theatre. Religious devotion almost in its purest form; religion without knowledge of faith.)  I think more these radicals who are shitting up the streets right now—proving the madness of urbanization—are lamenting the failure of the Bernie Sanders Hope and a Wish and a Prayer. So they are truly furious at the Democratic party, but this rage is currently sublimated in their ecstatic hatred of Trump. Many did manage to transfer their Socialist Fantasyland hopes onto Hillary. More, they transferred their energy, transforming their will for an eco-socialist utopia into an obsession with the supposed metaphysical insistence on the part of the Universe that the US have its first woman president. Quite vulgarly they worshiped this one immutable fact about the candidate; her body. Objectifying her as few women have been before. Her mind and her history might be degenerate, yet, they could confidently bring this one offering to the alter of progress; her womanhood satisfied both the dogmatic and the ritual needs of the cult.

These poor kids smashing up the place just miss Uncle Bernie. but he drove off in a candy-red sports car with a suitcase full of cash.  They are really rioting for him. Trying to reconjure the moment they came closer to socialism-by-name in the USoA. It is hard to blame them. Those of us who used to dream the little socialist dream, we understand. But it’s over, time to grow up and have all that Bernnie offered and more. The propped-up goodness of the Left has fallen and they can’t get it to stand up quite straight again no matter how much duct tape they apply. And they never were very handy around the house. So they are rioting, but this is a sign of desperation not traditional Socialist mission or strength. The White kids finally finding licence to chimp like the Blacks have been for all the summers of the Obama regime. Goaded by the agitator’s rhetoric and cash , playing the part of the French and Bolshevik Revolutionary rioters in the streets. Michael Moore should be jailed for instigation; Soros tarred, feathered, deported, and the Pope kicked in the balls for offering his blessing on this degenerate charade; kicked once more for good measure. And Bernie should call these kids off.


Aber Bernnie, Er hat keine Bälle.

Of course some just hate Trump more than they love Clinton. They hate him because he is a White Man. But more that he is a particular kind of White man. Trump is arrogant, self-possessed and unconcerned about the current-year esoteric taxonomy of victim classes. Mocking all contemporary codes of decency, he became the ill-mannered devil. For mere breach of social etiquette The Donald became the archetype of indifferent White Male oppression and Hillary the archetype of progressive cooperation and selfless goodness. I talked with more than one person in daily life who assumed Hillary would encourage world peace because she was a woman. Quoting examples from her career that did not support this delusion met with bewilderment, and these Hillary supporters preferred to remain faithful to the doctrine that women are necessarily less dangerous than men, rather than take Clinton’s actual life history seriously. The media iconography of both candidates was contrived of course, borrowing from the memes of liberal>critical theory in a cartoonish fashion. And it must be admitted even Trump willingly played this role for them. He did it because it worked. It put fear into the hearts of his enemies and courage into the heart of his base.  Both candidates, through the MSM, were familiar types, she of womanly virtue and he of masculine vice.

Yet again this is only proof Hillary supporters, especially her Leftist supporters, were willing to participate in the farce of Hillary the Good. They energetically donned this manufactured social consent. This time Chomsky himself got into the MSM meme factory and in his mumblely meandering way stammered and stamped out something like, “Trump is worse than Literally Hitler”. You could hear the same story everywhere, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, ABC, CBC and Pacifica—all a contrived narrative with Noam Chomsky’s kosher certification.

The Orthodox Left college coed gets her Hebrew International commie dogs in their purest form via Chomsky’s proxy (((Amy Goodman))) at (((Democracy Now))).


These Beckys be like all SJDub n’sheit.

The way news memes travel does not require that all ‘followers’ actually watch or listen to the media. There are plenty of bossy preaching SJW friends to make sure you know what’s up and what’s down within Maddowian or Goodmanian orthodoxy. Mouthy young zealots, women usually, who make it impossible to disagree with them without spoiling the dinner party. In the post-election hysteria on social media I have noticed it is the least well-informed who hold the strongest opinions. I suppose this should be obvious.

Our human predisposition to mythological, or at least symbolic summations of the world was very apparent through this election. This is as much true for the Alt-Right as our opponents. But we were largely self-aware that we were engaged in spiritual warfare; meme war.  A God has been reborn in our midst, KEK, It doesn’t get more mythological than that. We even have a quasi spiritual discipline in colored pills. According to Murdoch Murdoch the sequence of spiritual ascent goes Read pill> Black pill> White. But this discussion is for another post.



For now, we are doing a little #KickingTheLeftWhileDown.  

For so long we have been governed by Prog meme tricks, all cultural input tailored to conform to the master memes which were ingested in school and confirmed on TV. This highly regulated construction along with our natural tendency toward social conformity held us ever constricted, cowering from the implications of our deepest spiritual>social>moral intuitions.

But we were held by the delusions of deranged minds. And the rank and file of the Prog army conformed thoughtless to the media prompt; Hillary good for you, Trump bad. In other words the entire prog world put their hope on a fraud. A farce really. But a farce that was supposed to win because it had always won by stolidly ignoring criticism, and blaming others for its own failings. We could say Hillary Clinton was a failed Progressive candidate, that she does not represent the underlying virtues of true Progressivism. She is actually the incarnation of the Contemporary Left. She is fumbling greed masked as love; the core of the Leftist soul. In this hubris they could not see how precarious their hold on power was. They are of themselves an insignificant gaggle of feminist women and effete men holding goofy ideas about how the world works. Without access to masculine state power, they matter not. But they had by great effort of their intellectual forebears, captured the imagination of the world for many decades; slowly over centuries really.  And in that capture they attained the highest offices of the Western world. But this captured power was as tenuous as lethal. And they have lost hold. And this generation of Some-kind-of-Marxist does not have the creative optimism of their progenitors. Such as even they really had it. They were more creative in analysis, deconstruction. A controlled destruction really.

They are actually losing their grip on our spontaneous social conversation. The following video is an indication that in private>public space they no longer reign unchallenged. I don’t know this ‘comedian’, Wanda Sykes (more tragedian really), but she takes a hit here that she was not prepared for. It is very unlikely the audience was infiltrated by a bunch of Alt-Right shitlords. But as you watch you can see the transformation of our cultural space under Trump. Some lads boo at her recitation of a practiced liturgical joke; you know the one about the Racist, Sexist, Homophobe. ha ha. Sykes then schools them with some FUs and has to go on the defensive when the crowd isn’t shamed silent. The most interesting part though is that her supporters are so low-energy. Even the cameraman just kinda speaks his support to himself. He means it, or at least feigns to for posterity, but not that heartily. He could invoke plausible deniability later to friends, “Dude can’t you tell I was being sarcastic.” The import here though is how in a random crowd the Progressive Cathedral no longer has a monopoly on the memes.

Well too bad this was pulled since I posted it.  Will leave the carcass as testimony that the cameraman has lost the courage of his convictions. Another sign that we are gaining influence in the common narrative.

Here is another more pro version thanks to Nick B Steves.

Well it is not that Leftists will be gone. But the hardcore of the cult make up only a very small portion of society. Their influence is limited to their ability to capture the public imagination and to have access to state power. As we know the majority of the population and even of the participants in the state apparatus tend to do what is considered morally correct, what is normative. The crowd in the video is confused, searching for where to put their conforming consent. But the social control system was broken and the fresh will to power was on the part of the Trumpengoys. So it looks like SJW dogmatics can be pushed to the margin where it belongs; this coven of cat-lady cranks undeserving of command of the general social will.

They must know at heart that they only get to play house if someone else is pulling the triggers and writing the cheques. They make nothing. Have nothing. Do nothing. Have no courage. They have nothing to share but the will that others should share what they have with them and their pets; Dependency Inc. is morally bankrupt and White people are no longer going to invest in it. At the pinnacle of Prog power they placed all their hope on the farce of Hillary Clinton. And so exposed themselves as a fraud and are now scrambling to reassemble themselves. But in the process they lost the ear of the people, and the people are ready to listen to a more reasoned voice.

We won. If we want to have won. And nothing stands between today and the unfolding of a Benevolent Monarchy. We need only meme it into existence.


 America! Behold your king!


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