The State Memes hard


From the Memery

This is a meme without words. The movie was campier than the book seemed. I did read it first though, so may be biased by my own horror at the content. I had gone literally from 10 years of reading nothing but the Bible, and a very few commentaries, to A Clockwork Orange within a year or two. We watched the movie also in class. I never quite got the premise of the therapy. Why would Alex be horrified at the sight of violence? Why wouldn’t he get off on it? Flood him with violent images? Aren’t these the memes that already occupy his soul?

Well I am no psychologist I recon. The idea of being forcibly memed is a metaphor that makes sense to any modern. This is what being on the receiving end of Adorno’s Wand feels like. It thinks we are infinitely plastic in disposition that we can be made into anything it wants.

But there are so many subtle memes conveyed by this image. Fear, of course; terror at its most basic . But we know it is a certain kind of tortured fear. It looks clinical. Institutional; the effort of the state. As it appears this little chamber of horrors is set up for the (((supposed))) benefit of the tortured. Oh what pretty lies those who deny Logos, and its Telos pimp.


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