The Tao of Pepe

From the Memery4b6c88873ba510a15104b2fd7c6039628a83e1dd-618x618

The Meme that can be named is not the real Meme

  1. I do not know the artist, nor have I spent any time trying to find out, not really. But these things are free and anonymous, mostly? Anyway this one is profoundly insightful.
  2. I am starting with the most existential meme I have seen to date. It is really an internal social/personal insight, rather than a political statement about foes. Our complex relationship with the meme demon Pepe. He is manic depressive. He takes thoughtful pleasure in the grief of other’s, but is self pitying when the fun runs out. He is the trickster. No wonder Hillary Clinton fears him. He was at the bottom of Pandora’s box. They thought it would be more and more and newer treats and pleasures all the way down. but then there he was, Pepe.
  3. Guess there was a message to our enemies after all.





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