Today the Global Warming Hoax ended.


I added this Introduction on September 19th. to make clear the assumption I am writing under. I am a generalist of the most vulgar type, I am an artist who also feigns to make insights into philosophy, religion and politics.  And though I may think I have a right and at times even a duty to engage in speculative writing on these subjects, I do not claim to be an Earth scientist, nor any scientist for that matter. So as not to need to qualify the following diatribe I provide this assumption, I am not denying here even that Industrial effort, CO2 emissions and everything else, contribute to an increase in temperature globally. When I refer to Global Warming in Winnie the Pooh capitals like that, I mean the secular apocalypse of Evil Global Warming as a result of Climate Change, as a result of car emissions and cow farts leading to the consumption of the earth by the sun. This is a silly idea of silly people who have no grip on history or reality. Early in the secular victory we have this absurdity. That those who overthrew traditional authority found themselves in the position of wondering how we should view the future and they choose to see destruction, hmm, just like the religion they deposed. But in a material rather than a moral sense, these noobs at authority. I have seen Global Warming advocates argue that because the worst of their predictions might be true, it would be immoral not to act as if they were true in their most extreme prognostications. On this logic I would never leave the house in the morning for all the mortal dangers I can imagine out there.


Pictures of dead bears make us feel we need to do something about it.

It’s nothing much if Alex Jones denies Global Warming. Probably gives the hoax more credit. It’s only important to AltRighters and friends if Mike Enoch denies it. Still I am glad he does. It doesn’t even mean that much if Trump denies it. Probably costs him votes, it is not a big part of his platform, but it is the main reason Chompwaterstein gave for Trump being the incarnation of Evil. So it definitely costs him votes. Votes he deserves from our gentler White cousins. He is after all the hero of Michael Moore’s Roger and Me.

But Sarkozy. This is incredible. From all accounts he is a committed Globalist.  And this is risky before an election, unless he’s pretty sure it will pay off. Hate to have to say it, but this is good news form Sarkozy. Better news than I am sure he intended.

I am befuddled by this denial happening now though. Is it a bone tossed to the Right. The only one he can give. But after the Hollowcaust there is no greater mega meme of social control than Global Warming. The two have become intertwined, each earning skeptics the derision of ‘denier’. We can be guaranteed to be guilt-tripped by someone somewhere every single day over one of these; in the media and in the coffee houses. The social panic of being labeled as ‘a negative person’, someone who would be mean and who denies the existence of pure evil as well as science’s apocalyptic doom, has been profoundly efficacious in shaping public discourse and policy. Did the Frenchman get the thumbs up from the Illuminati on this one? Did the Reptilian council say, “Hey, Niky baby, better let some steam off, these goys know. Their woke Nicky baby. Woke.” If he’s just the first to go this way, and he will be, everything changes. Everything.

Perhaps it’s obvious that they could no longer keep this apocalyptic vision of the future that never comes as prophesied. The Hollowcaust remains shrouded in the murk of memory, and is a manufactured memory about a past event, true and false. Takes more effort to learn how to deny it. But Global Warming is a projection into the future. Doomed for being rejected by the evidence of our senses; when it becomes clear that the world isn’t ending. Instead, if we do continue to warm a bit, they will be growing avocados in Seattle. Sucks to be you Seattle.

Sarkozy gets to signal bad ass too. An early denier, the first globalist. This makes him look balzy. I must admit I look at him with some regard over this. He’s shitlording with Trump. But doesn’t he know how much social control is based on the secular myth? An unbagged cat running about the collective mind.

This is a big victory for us, a victory for fact over fantasy. This is at core what we are asking for; society based on natural law. But a political victory too. We called bullshit on this for years and endured our friend’s and family’s derision. I have actually lost friends over GW. Sure, I didn’t like their politics, but I liked them as people, we were actually friends. But being friends with a GWD was too shameful for them to bear. It signaled ignorance and putting greed over social good. Unless Sarkosy is completely off the reservation on this one, he will not be retracting this. Clearly, a sophisticated liberal European Globalist Jew with a gracious babe for a wife has enough Left street cred to finally bring doubt into the minds of some of our more intelligent and less estrogen poisoned brothers. And now we are ever armed with, “Ha, maybe brah, but remember how much you used to believe in The Great Global Warming Swindle? It was like religion to you.”


Carla Bruni also sings 

Image: Vincent J F Huang Polar Bear Hamberger 2014


2 thoughts on “Today the Global Warming Hoax ended.

  1. “But doesn’t he know how much social control is based on the secular myth?”- At the end of the day, perhaps not all that much. The secular myth of Enlightenment, globalism, and so on relentlessly exhorts us against faith, truth, objective rationality, and to radical skepticism, atheism, nihilism, and irrationalism. Then, in the case of climate change the globalists and people like that suddenly turn around and demand unconditional and unthinking acceptance of dogma. Can they seriously expect to get it? If men are no longer prepared to believe the Divine- what chance does a “scientist” have? I think the villains of this piece have created a giant sinkhole under the very ground on which they stand.


    1. I think the capacity to believe in ‘Truth’ is innate. That the fervor of dedication to GW is an expression of this capacity in a secular world. And yes they are undermining their own foundation because they believe the top floor can exist without the preceding floors and the foundation.


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