The Kids are Alt Right

In this season of struggle to define, and so lay claim on the moniker The Alt Right, I offer this ramble.

I have read more than once, “If you want your blog to be successful you should try to post daily, at least weekly”. This blog will never be successful. I have to thank Brother James over at WCR for inspiring this post though. The Alt Right From the Right offers a sobering reminder that for some of us the political sphere is more means than end, a necessary evil in our more critical moments. For sure the current political realm is repulsive to the morally sane. At times politics have been done well, producing health in our communities, but we have been without this blessing for a good long time. I am glad for the political discussion on the Alt Right for this reason. I find most of the social and political theorists and the historians in this sphere to be honest inquirers, even those I disagree with. The conversation is demanding and is subject to a kind of folk peer review. There are collaborations and competitions. It is the kind of controlled disagreement we held  during the best hours of our inquiry in the academy— before the Marxists took it over. They replaced our tradition of reasoned conversation under standards of proof with mere dogmatic ascent.

In the end, though Alt Right, I am not primarily an Alt Righter. I am not principally a political type. I am a father, even a grandfather now. A White male. I am an artists and some kind of religious. I am a builder. This Alt-Right thing cannot satisfy my deepest needs. It can never provide the profundity of my cult existence for example. This is because the Alt Right is not a cult in its own right, nor should it be—it is a space where folk from various cults and schools gather to discuss common interests, and even shared aspirations. This will always mean some kind of compromise. In its most general description ours is a public space to discuss politics and what are called metapolitics. (would Unter Politik be a reasonable German description?); all the bits and pieces of life summarizing into the social need for rule toward order. (Perhaps I betray my Organic Reactionary leanings.) I find this Alt Right space allows for satisfying conversations about facts and desired social outcomes, and it is society as a whole which interests me, not just the political class. Current political discourse is a scheming natter between democrats. But within the conversation in the broader Alt Right you can find careful, even humane thinkers. You can even read about the restoration of virtue and valour; a visceral romanticism that has long been trampled by the grey boots of abstract pleasure and lust for lawlessness. The conversation is largely sane, even when esoteric, or less than pretty. I am very grateful for having come into this space and for finding similarly even like-minded men and women. The various offerings at blogs, podcasts, videos, Google hangouts and in good old fashioned books have revived my creative energies and helped me think through some difficult terrain. For all this, I would not want to offer even the slightest aspect of my cult practice on the altar of the Alt Right. Nor need I.

This does not mean I see my associates in or around this political discussion as means only.  I feel genuine friendship for many of the folk I have had the opportunity to converse with. It is our shared interests that intersect in this community; these provide the real connections. Quite something considering  I have never seen most face to face, nor have I even seen their photo. This is a remarkable attribute of this political space, though mostly a collection of oddballs, it is a collection of genuine and honest oddballs. We have Total-Bro Bros and we have spergy autodidacts specializing in any and every subject of interest. We have Theists and Atheists. Christians and Folk spiritualists and syncretics.

All of us here are autodidacts in some way. If by this we mean we learned most of what we find truly important outside the University. This has a pejorative connotation within the Ivory Tower; the autodidact being potentially heretical, or worse, a fool. There was a time when this suspicion was more sensible in the West, that those who taught themselves were prone to make glaring errors in fact or reason. Though isolation can separate us from academic bias and allow some to discard over-ripe orthodoxies, it can also allow us to repeat errors that have long been corrected by predecessors. The problem we face today is we often have no one to teach us what we desire to learn, not in most academies. So, as exiled thinkers, theorists, artists, and poets we have coalesced into our own informal schools and school of schools. Ironically fulfilling a good deal of the Organic Left’s daydreams about free-school and people-powered intellectual movements.

We have not really learned on our own though, we have learned together. Not me really; my participation has been mostly one way. I take more than I give by a Large. I would know almost nothing if it depended on my own research. And am grateful for the hard work of others I have learned from in this sphere. Mostly unpaid work. The Alt Right thought space is both open, almost infinitely, and yet contained. Contained by certain metaphysical assumptions. Even the lists of ‘What the Alt Right Is’ can only approximate the underlying truths they mean to articulate. Of course it is not all esoteric mysticism, though the most important aspects are.

But there is work to be done, here and now. Our existence is under threat. And by us I mean White Europeans. Our spiritual existence has long been denigrated. And this has made this existential threat possible. If I were to give a single motive for including myself in the Alt Right it would be White ethnic and cultural preservation and restoration. I started blogging with this motive, subheading my site,’Explorations in Eurocentrism’. Whatever my interests elsewhere as an Alt Righter I am at core a White Identitarian. And this is the only place to have a White racial conversation in a careful and inspired way. The beginnings of a tradition have formed through this conversation. I will not presume to weigh in with my own list of first principles. I have no delusions of that kind of authority. The following graphic has been floating about. I am not sure of the source so I cannot give credit:


When I first looked at this I thought it sized things up fairly well, and Tweeted as much. I realized later that it has no direct mention of the JQ which would make this unacceptable to some. Of course our concerns about being able to live peacefully with out-groups runs through most of these 9 petitions. So dealing with Jews as an out-group is implied. In the can a Jew be in the Alt Right quandary the answer must be yes, I suppose, as a Jew, Paul Gottfried, coined the term— Pepe ever toying with us. Though I am not sure Gottfried knew what he was unleashing—Pepe has our back? One thing for certain is in this school we must be free to ask all the hard questions about Jewish influence and Jewish group interests and how they often conflict with our own. There is no going back to a place where we are numbskulled on racial>cultural differences, and the inherent in-group out-group biases that are a part of every group’s natural preservation impulses. I found Josh Seidel’s claim to Alt Righthood in his Forward article weak. Must suck to be a Jew sometimes. To want to belong to the broader culture but always not quite being able to. The usual way of belonging of course is to diminish the  ethnic identity of the host population. To herald some propositional State for all to live in. We don’t do that here though on the Alt Right. So if we have other ethnics hanging with us they must ever be guests in this space. That can’t be very appealing (though I like to travel). There is no other possibility, else we are heading straight down the road to ethnic dissolution once again. And we have just begun to revive our ethnic identity and to become who we will become under this awareness.

We should be as broad a tent as possible without loosing White Ethnic Identity as our founding principle. We are not a proposition movement at core, but a racial one. What propositions we make are there to support our ethnic survival and identity. We fundamentally reject the Left’s and even the Cuck-Right’s predilection for service to political fantasies at the expense of the greater good. We are realists. Some may see themselves more as defenders of Western Culture. They may be less motivated by race or ethnicity, but such must be considered Soft Alt Right–welcome to the conversation, but not allowed to co opt a fundamentally tribal movement and then abstract its cultural products for pan-racial use. This is the kind of propositional ethos we are just waking up from, and it needs to be poked with a sharp stick every time it rises up to seduce with its cleverness.

Even the full blown racist in our community need to realize the Alt Right brand is not theirs to co opt for the particular strategies they intend to use. Even if they have the best intentions in ensuring the White race’s restoration. The Alt Right is not a neo-Nazi movement. The American Nazi party is though. The Alt Right is not a Trad Catholic movement; The SSPX  is. The Alt Right is not a Nietzschean or Evolian book club either. But somehow it is all of these, with great tension, under the banner. Seems to this weary traveler, who just found a semblance of home, the trick to the success of what the Alt Right has begun will be in our ability to determine where the Alt-Right ends and where our personal convictions or other commitments begin. We should be mindful that hubris and an attending blind ambition are the chief vices of our people. Even tough some of us are in the spotlight of the MSM we need to stay the steady course and keep a broad perspective. A feeding frenzy is the last thing we need.

Naturally we will be attractive to some because we are energized; inspired. They will want to tap into and redirect our momentum to enliven whatever dying corpse of an ideology they have been propping up. Morgoth has an article on Ben Shapiro along thee lines. This is typical of the expectation of parasitic marketers and opportunist of all kinds. They see all things as abstractable, as if we have a module of ‘energy’ and just happen to be applying it to the Right. But the source of our inspiration is either too much medicine for them or is inaccessible to them altogether. They have no idea we have taken an invigorating gulp from the headwaters of our folk; our energy flows from our Identity set free from the spell that has bound us for the past 100 years. We be woke now, and have no intention of going back to sleep.

Not sure who made the feature image, Pepe and the Man, Yin Yang, but it is genius. The insight some of these crazy kids have is inspiring.




6 thoughts on “The Kids are Alt Right

  1. The AltRight is an ephemeral zeitgeist, more of a period than a real movement. It has its bad and good elements, its useful and useless elements. I think a discerning mind and eye can make use of this amorphous ‘thing’.

    By the way, a while back (and I mean a WHILE back), you expressed interest in doing an interview with me on Corneliu Codreanu. The anniversary of his assassination is approaching in November. If you’d still be interested in it, I would be happy to mark the occasion with such an interview. Let me know via email.


  2. Yes, a clear case where the movement is less important than the people who come together in it. Probable wont last another 10 years unless it morphs into a political party. And then it would need a name change unless it wanted to remain a youth party. Ironic for a movement with some reactionary underpinnings.


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