Posted a new piece of fiction, Offering, at Terrible Joy.

It is the first of a collection of short stories set from our time to 1000 years hence. Offering is set several hundred years in the future. A time where I can play  fancifully with themes relevant to our folk today. The plan is to tell stories of various peoples lives back and forth over the the historical progression through stages of social ascent and decline. I have several at various stages of editing.

The story is written in first person present, which I enjoy for its potential for visceral contemplative immediacy; essentially an internal monologue. It does generate some problems with credulity though. People are not usually this self-aware and do not think in complete sentences or fully formed thoughts, especially through dramatic actions. Some suspension of disbelief is required in reading most fiction, and I think for this story POV provides insight into the main character that are unavailable in third person.

Offering is not for the squeamish, having graphic violence at its core. I have tried to weave Christian and pre-Christian Celtic symbolism together in a tale of love, death, sacrifice and natural redemption. The protagonist and his family find themselves living in the wild having rejected their acceptance into the AllWorld, a fully virtual existence designed on the social>moral principles of hyper Liberalism; mechanized Utilitarianism. A painless eternal egalitarian life in the depths of the earth. Though polemic to be sure, I hope this aspect is not too heavy handed.

I like to place my work on the P to A scale-Polemic to Aesthetic.

P   5   4   3   2   1   0   1   2   3   4   5   A

I place this one at A-3

Hope you enjoy it,

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William Scott




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