Happy Easter (Again)

I tend to live in a permanent state of Lent. It is a mood that suits me. Quite unintentionally. I am often accused of having a heavy mood by friends, even when I am feeling quite buoyant. Oh well, only some of us are blessed to drink the sweet melancholy of life on a daily basis.

To counter this at times I allow myself to indulge in pure joy.  A piece of music I just posted on my Bandcamp page is such. Posted today in honour of Orthodox Easter, May 1st this year.  It is titled Morning in C and is meant to invoke the joy of Mary Magdalene at the meeting of the resurrected Christ in the Garden. I composed this several years ago now, but recently remixed it. As it is produced on Cakewalk 9 it retains a video game like quality—a quality that always irritates me.  I have better software with better voicings now and hope to get back at composing soon.

I also have a short film I made to go along with a more prog-rock piece, Transformation I posted at the time of our Western Lent and Easter. It is in three movements, representing Shrove Tuesday, Lent and Easter.

Happy Easter to all you blessed Eastern Christians out there. I will be tapping by proxy into the joy of your Julian Orthodoxy. (Sorry) Hope you enjoy these offerings.

Image:  Mary in the Empty Tomb, by William Scott


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