Crow Song

I have a short story posted at my literary blog, Terrible Joy Crow Song is part of a collection of love stories in short and very short fiction I am working on.

Many of these tales will portray a transformation from the current state of brokenness in Man-Woman relations toward repair.  They can be a bit sentimental by current standards, but this is exactly our problem; we have been so corrupted by the present state of things that we do not know how far we have to go, how much the next generation will have to live differently than we do.  They will have to become disgusted with our decadence.  At the same time it is our duty to start setting things right.  We, who don’t really know how, need to set the conditions for health in our coming generation.  We cannot know exactly how they will choose to live, what guides for morality they will choose and encourage and even punish for the breaching of.  We do know though that they must behave differently than we do today on the whole .  Romance and faithfulness and love leading to strong families is the core of the counter-revolution.

Image From BHL, The Crow and its relation to man.


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