The moral conceit of the Left; The movie

I have Just posted 4 videos on my YouTube channel where I used the recent firing of Alison Rapp from Nintendo to wander into various moral/philosophical themes. The official reason for her firing was moonlighting, but she was a vocal advocate for child pron, as well as a spokesperson for sex with or for children. Rapp claims it was her ‘sex positive and radical feminist politics’ that got her terminated.  There is a surge in pedo-pro writing on the net, [A] and this should not really be surprising to anyone who has been morally awake for the past few decades. It is simply the logical unfolding of desire as arbiter of moral good.  There is something disturbing about this woman being the advocate for the dark desires of dirty old men though, but apparently New Sodom will be populated by sparkly millennial 3rd wave feminists.

Naturally, these are not as carefully considered as written discussions would be. They introduce moral philosophical and psycho-spiritual ideas I hope to revisit in some detail.


[A] Salon I am a pedophile, but not a monster 



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