The moral conceit of the Left Pt.2

Totalitarian Diversity

A fundamental of Progressive thinking is the unification of all people. The goal is to eliminate contentious differences between human communities. Under one notion of Global Humanity we will, it is hoped, put war and strife behind us. The goal is hard to disagree with. It sounds admirable enough, though it is a bit difficult to name the core of this unity, or how it will be achieved on the ground. The method seems to be to put as many different cultures together as possible, initially in European countries or European settled countries, under the hope that peace and unity will naturally ensue.  Whether we can assume this is the honest intent of the social planners who are responsible for mass immigration into European nations, we know this is a persistent hope of many of our regular folk. It speaks of a tenacious optimism on the part of European people, for with marginal success in this project and in the face of profound challenges and setbacks this hope of eventual, even inevitable unity is still articulated.

We the people take the mood from our leaders though, and how this unification will come about is not discussed very complexly in the public square; at least there are no arguments as to why multiculturalism must be, only that it must, and the only real problem discussed is how to make resisters accept it. As Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission, speaking to the First Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights makes clear;

Diversity is now in some parts of Europe seen as a threat. Diversity comes with challenges. But diversity is humanity’s destiny. There is not going to be, even in the remotest places of this planet, a nation that will not see diversity in its future. That’s where humanity is heading. And those politicians trying to sell to their electorates a society that is exclusively composed of people from one culture, are trying to portray a future based on a past that never existed, therefore that future will never be. [A]

There is something very tricky in this logic. If what is currently happening in Europe, and all White nations, is what has always been happening why would we notice a problem? Why would there be resistance, why should it be challenging? Secondly, one would think that diversity already exists in the human community. This is hardly contestable. However, mixing diverse folk in close proximity does not preserve, let alone increase diversity. Truthfully, the ideals of the commission would make diversity decrease. For to have two, three, four or more cultures living within the same nation or city requires that each culture’s autonomy be mitigated in order to facilitate cooperation. Each must surrender to a master unifying culture of certain customs and laws that will inevitably limit the expression of its particularity. Ideally they would form into a single culture over time, as this is the only basis for lasting peace. So to spread this intent across the globe is really to bring homogenization not diversity. More likely though, and this is what we see on the ground, the disparate cultures will not mix well, and have not. Conflict is the historic reality. So this optimism is either naive or deceptive.

More to the point of our interest at FOLKWAYS, Timmermans’ initial concerns are for the other, rather than the host population. His statements about the indigenous populations of Europe are at once ingratiating and chastening;

It was a crucial topic then and today, as hundreds of thousands in need of refuge are arriving on our shores and the capacity of our society for tolerance and inclusion is put to the test like never before. There couldn’t be a more burning issue. Europe is going through a period of crisis and turmoil, which is challenging the very values on which it was built.  The rise of antisemitism, the rise of Islamophobia, each in their own way are symptoms.[A]

The harm done to native Europeans through this process is not to be given primacy or even clear mention. This is all part of the newspeak trick. For ubercrats such as F. Timmermans there is no native population, only native values of tolerance and inclusion. If you do not hold these values you are not truly European. For somehow, without historical reference, we are to take it that European society has always been unified and built on these values and none others. As if our ancestors had no preference for each of our own people and we had no distinctions in regional culture, no diversity of our own. The falsity of this claim is dumbfounding. It is difficult to wrap our heads around such bold faced insertion into the historic will of so diverse and cantankerous a collection of folk as the European peoples. These big lies are hard to resist because they throw us off our footing. Like when a kleptomaniac co-worker steals your watch and reads to you the time from it the next day. How do you respond to such madness?

But we must respond. We cannot let these fabricators tell us who we are and who we have always been. They cannot be allowed to tell us what our intrinsic and immutable values are, “Europa is tolerant and inclusive; Europa has always been tolerant and inclusive.” We must say no to this imposition. It is dishonest, deceitful; it chafes our innate desire for truthfulness. Sure we are generous, tolerant and liberal by nature. But this is who we are with ourselves in our own communities. The idea that we can remain such with strangers who do not hold our values or natural disposition is folly. Ironically, this anti-racist stance is a pernicious arrogance. Unfortunately this is one of our vices; we are blind to our sense of moral superiority. Europeans like Timmermans, and I believe he is from native European stock, are continuing the very oppression they flatter themselves they are eliminating. Forcing a false diversity upon the whole of the world to fulfill you fantasies of Universal Humanity is fundamentally oppressive, controlling and totalitarian. For in turning European identity into a set of moral principles, tolerance and inclusion, they distance themselves from the blood and bones of the matter; abstracting our racial>cultural dispositions into universal ideals. And then acting these principles upon the whole of humanity.

[A] Opening remarks of First Vice-President Frans Timmermans at the First Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights


4 thoughts on “The moral conceit of the Left Pt.2

  1. There is an essence of European, especially super-Hajnal European, culture which is relatively anti-racist, relatively open to outsiders, and relatively meritocratic. Relatively, that is, to every other people group on earth. And ironically, the only way to preserve this essential nature is to NOT become completely anti-racist, open to outsiders, and meritocratic.


  2. “Europeans like Timmermans, and I believe he is from native European stock, are continuing the very oppression they flatter themselves they are eliminating.”

    You don’t think he REALLY believes that his echelon’s ghastly crusade is for the benefit of all humankind, do you? He is facilitating the next would-be development in tyranny and he surely knows it.


  3. I do believe he is aiding tyranny, but I don’t think it a Eurocentric tyranny.
    i can’t say for sure about him, but a lot of those pushing ‘diversity’ really do believe their own rhetoric. I am not sure they see it as tyranny though; more a inevitable unification. People, even in power, can be blind to wha they are really going about.

    I am more inclined to see these movements in a more sinister light even since writing this last year. Timmermans strikes me as a dopey toady for deeper powers, He says what the non-ruling upper classes are meant to believe. It is not necessary, but helpful if he is a believer himself.

    Sad to see that this bloated goofball is what passes for a ruling elite these days.


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