Shrove Tuesday Shuffle

Planning on blogging regularly during Lent.

I wrote, ‘Shrove Tuesday Shuffle’ a few years ago honour this day.

Today is is Shrove Tuesday; also called Fat Tuesday or Carnival and Mardi Gras.  Traditionally this is the day we used to prepare for the 40 days fast of Lent leading to Easter.  Local churches will be serving pancake brunches.  This is meant for using up of those things you would be abstaining from in.  Even the etymology of ‘carnival’ is ‘taking away flesh’, which is also part of the fast which means giving up at least red meat for the duration of the fast.

A time of personal reflection while at the same time changing your normal habits is the basis of personal and spiritual growth or change.  I am going in to this year with many changes in my habits and with the intent of working through some challenges I have with my relationship to Christ and His Church; how the latter seems to be joining in with the globalist intention of European dispossession. The question is if this trend follows the will of Christ or not.

But today you should party down.  Time to enjoy the good things of life before we enter into the solemn considerations of the Lenten discipline.  To this end I hope this little groove gets you in the mood.



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