Polemic Moralistic Rant (I’ll be brief):


In my journey from Marx I have been outraged at my severe stupidity in supposing he, and those who live in his house, are the moral superlatives.  The best New Right critique of the Old Left is that the Old Left is dull of mind, dogmatic:  Fundamentalist.  It has grown to hate the freedom of speech it  used to bring on its revolution.  I remember when being on the Left meant wanting freedom of thought, of voice; at least freedom was wanted by Marxists in order to speak their own view into the world.  But Marx doesn’t value freedom of speech.  Not as a good in itself; only as a means.  So Marxists whore rights and freedoms, they do not love them as mothers wives or daughters.  Freedom of speech when loved for its own sake, as a true good in a society, is a true form of plurality, and a gentle form of change, through persuasion.  But we live under constant suspicion of heterodoxy.  This is always indicative of mono-culture.  While being sung the song of diversity we are all being goaded into one common herd: The human being.  ‘We are all the same in any way that matters’.  Or so the Progressive would have it.  And though there is still kindness in this naive faith in Universal Man, It soon turns feral if you challenge the wisdom or efficacy of the principles and policies of the cult of Universal Man.    But Marx only wants the virtues of our folk, our delight in systems that promote freedom, in order to gain power and then ‘shut it down’.  This seems a particularly low form of existence; to use the highest virtue of a thing only to destroy it after it has won you your prize.  We worked literally 20,000 years to get this system in place and now these Marxists swipe it, degrade it, and turn it on our own people.  (Spit here)


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