The Hubris of Generosity

Thoughts on Kipling’s The White Man’s Burden and the invasion crisis

Our people have a recurring cycle: degeneration precipitating the necessity of revival, leading to rejuvenation of the collective spirit. This rebirth brings with it a period of creativity and growth. Growth and surplus can ascend into hubris though, allowing for both generosity, if at times misguided, and self-indulgence.  The current hyper-generosity of our people is leading to our dispossession on both our colonized and native lands.  Our self-indulgence has led to low birthrates and a breakdown of family and thus social cohesion.

We are radically detached from our own heritage, at the same time we are trying to make one people of all the peoples of the earth (perhaps the ugliest form of colonization yet).  When we consider ourselves we either pretend that our own cultural forms could have been made by any population, given the right conditions, or we intentionally despise them as artifacts of oppression.  Ironically, an intuition that we have the best of all possible worlds upon this earth, at times overtakes, and we believe our mission is to occupy the world, and bring our cultural gifts to the rest of humankind.  In the current expression of this cycle we have reached a pinnacle of prosperity and technological development undreamed in the past, but instead of outward conquest we intend to bring the world to live in our culture on our land.  It is only a Western mind that could be so foolishly generous.  But the end is the same.  Alexander the Great stretched his nation thin in a Gospel like conquest-as-conversion mission.  And thus set the stage for the weakening of the Greek empire and its ultimate dissolution—the  hubris of the Greeks.

Our European leaders, and some of them seem to believe this, are so confident in the strength of European values and cultural form that any amount of outsiders can be absorbed on the continent, and only with a good net result.  And though these may be the sentiments of many of our loudest Lefty pundits, they can be seen as virtue detached from its proper object— our folk.  Our generosity of spirit is now a vicious tendency, leading toward the end of our people on our very homelands.

Yet, clearly this is not just another decay phase of our cycle.  We have been possessed by the will of other people who are manipulating our best intentions against us.  This is not simply moral lethargy or an overreach of will; bringing competitors onto our very soil is proof that we are under strong delusion.  We are under a spell.  Some at the top seem to be acting with intent to destroy the racial families of Europe.  The publisher must admit he cannot quite understand the motive.  But we must entertain the possibility that it is inexplicable and, yet, still forthcoming.

If raising the condition of the whole of humanity is our goal, we are going about it in entirely the wrong way.  We should be protecting our base and our prosperity and our racial>cultural coherence if we wish to have anything to give.  Instead we are threatening the very good that we want to share.  The moral imperative of decolonization makes expansion untenable to the contemporary European.  The deep irony is that bringing masses of other people into our countries is no less an act of colonization.  We are no less hubristic than the 15th -19th century colonizers; we still know we have the best game in town, but we can no longer bear the burden that this implies.  In the end we are providing a dual colonization.  We are lead to believe that bringing third world migrants into our countries will improve their lot.  That sharing in our lands will bestow the blessing of our prosperity on the new arrivals.  The hideous joke is that we will be colonized by them and we will no longer be present in sufficient numbers to have much to offer.  It is unthinkable that the disruption of so quick a transfer of people will result in an easy transference of what is left of European prosperity into the hands of our replacements.  If we are replaced sufficiently, this disruption will no doubt lead to the waning of the economy, leaving the new population poor on cold and foreign soil.  They will be adrift and probably more desperate than under the conditions that lead them on the long walk into our homelands.  Serves them right in some ways, but this does illustrate how utterly stupid #ProjectGermany is.

Much of the current migration is fueled by a moral obsession with egalitarianism.  We cannot tolerate the inequity in our having more than others.  We have been led to believe we only have more through our oppression of others, and so we are in hyper-drive to divest our own natural bounty so that we can be rid of the burden and responsibility of being stewards of our own surplus; a surplus due only to our own creative and industrious impulse.   Of course we are not all so deluded.  There is a very small percentage, though, that hold these pernicious ‘high minded’ morals with intent.  They have successfully berated opposition into silent compliance with its own destruction.  The moral verve that is required to defend our very home is rising, but is still very green and tender.  Enough of this for now, it will take a good deal of care in unpacking these psycho-moral snares we are so firmly stuck in.

This site is intended to be a place of rest and refreshment for our people.  This fledgling Eurocentric[i] community on these webs is just beginning to understand itself.  We are still struggling to bring a new vision for ourselves into focus.  Old habits dominate.  Perceived limitations still restrain us.  Our virtues are still ensnaring us as vice.  When we wake from the spell, we are angry; furious at the injustice.  But the end must be cultural and spiritual revival; anger must be transformed into creative energy, and that energy into new cultural production.  We need to feed ourselves on the cultural victuals of our forebears.  Quite the opposite of having no culture, we are overwhelmed with cultural goods.  So many, but they lay about incoherently; like the ruins of an ancient civilization.

This is not the end of the story.  Sure sometimes our civilizations do fail utterly.  But there is no reason to simply lay back and watch it happen.  If we do this we certainly will fail.  The hope of revival comes from our own actions of hope into the future for our people.  We can revive, as we have many times before.  We need simply to pick up these artifacts about our feet and engage.  They will become vital again, and will animate us as well.  They are the creations of our own folk, and all our expressions of culture, music, visual art, philosophical consideration are grounded in our bio>cultural formation.  They are not just ‘things’ that we, deluded, apply meaning to.  They are the record of our bio>cultural evolution, of our becoming in relation to the land, each other and our opponents and enemies.

William Scott                  Odinsbridge, Nova Europa

[i] Funny my spell check does not acknowledge Eurocentric but does acknowledge Afrocentric.  We have much to overcome.


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