Intention: Deep racial identity

The intention of the publisher of Folkways is to rebuild Eurocentric identity.  The general mood here will be calm patient consideration.  Not to say there will be endless reductions into immobility.  A primary motive is to restore White European identity as an immutable motive in reclaiming our territories and the living cultural traditions that brought us into being upon them.  There are plenty of places to rant and rave under the roof of White or European identity.  We intend to take a longer view, even in the face of the current urgency in the willful dispossession of our folk on our ancient homelands of Europe.

I am of the diaspora.  My immediate folk are Europeans of various British strains.  It is clear though from my phenotype (blond hair and red beard) that I have some more northerly ancestry.  My birth in Los Angeles in 1965, into a family with extant matriarchs and patriarchs born in the old country, has given me a timorous claim on European identity; at once emergent and withering.  My subsequent emigration to Victoria BC, Canada as a young man was , as I now see it, an act of extreme white flight.  I could see that Southern California was going to be occupied by other racial>cultural groups, that there were already too many voices for the varied interests to be met peacefully.  Mostly, I now know that at heart I felt no moral claim on the place.  We had just sort of gotten there.  My family did not conquer anything; no claim of territory by force against an enemy.  I just happened to be born onto that land, surely occupied by some remnant of European expansionist will,  but only in the fatigued inertia of that will.

Victoria of 1985 was quaintly Britannic.  “More English than England”  was  a common phrase then.  There were still many British expats here from a colonizing immigrant population that came in the 40s-60s.  This was a former Dominion country after all, and this a city named for an extant Queen at the pinnacle of the Empire.  The congregation of my church was fairly populated with such expats, as were the various neighborhoods that I worked in as a gardener.  Being invited in for tea and biscuits by lovely old British women gave me a profound sense of belonging; of reclaiming something lost in the emigration of my forebears.  The experience of living here was at once new and nostalgic.  Something deeper than mere nostalgia though; something grounding.  For one so detached from his roots, raised in the ubiquitous kitsch of So Cal, it did not take much; Peak Freans, Tetly tea and genteel conversation over roses and rhododendrons.

This duality of belonging and of not belonging to the very ground we were born on is common for folk of European descent living away from the homelands.  We teeter long on a fulcrum without tilting finally to oblivion on one side or to identity on the other.  We can spend years doing both and neither.   Though, we will have been attracted to European cultural forms; music and narrative arts that speak to our unspoken bio-cultural Whiteness.  Even our forays into ‘World’ music and culture will have been as a White people participating in the exotic.  However much we wish it otherwise, we are White in all we do and choose .  Even those oblivious to White identity are attracted to White cultural forms, aesthetics, and moral convictions  We may not like all things European, but those cultural artifacts and practices we are attracted to will be European in origin or filter.

The Volkstod (National death) anarchist movement in Germany, represented in manifold softer forms elsewhere, violently tilts us over onto the side of racial oblivion and total detachment from our roots.  The intent is to make a people of rootless newness, and, as such, of perpetual malleability. The publisher does not reject this negating intention because he finds unappealing, it is rejected as delusion, and can only result in our destruction.  Our intent here is to help us climb down off this fulcrum onto the firm ground of our racial>cultural becoming; to shore-up what remains, and to to build new structures for the future.  To become awake to our Whiteness we must be grounded in the ancient mystical, moral and historical tales and myths of our folk. We must become who we are and always have been through thoughtful consideration of our folkways.   Hence, this is not a place to discuss if restoration of European identity is a morally valid course.  We assume it is the only meaningful and fully authentic endeavor for Europeans.  All who contribute here in content or discussion must likewise hold this commitment.  Let us save the scrappy vitriol for the Twitterverse; here let us commune as one folk reasserting the grounding vitality of our being.

Blessings,  William Scott

Here is a good place to start: Grimm’s Fairy Tales


2 thoughts on “Intention: Deep racial identity

  1. I also recommend Spells of Enchantment: The Wonderful Fairy Tales of Western Culture. Edited by Jack Zipes. Some of the stories are older than Grimm’s, most are newer. You also get a glimpse of tales outside of France and Germany. A number of the authors are English.


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